Optimizes the customer experience by delivering service excellence

State-of-the-art technology for complex operations of cooperatives, banks and financial or private entities.


Find out what TurnosPR provides for financial institutions.

Priority attention

A customer can be identified on a preferential basis.

Efficient service

Assign the ideal employee, according to the management that the person is going to perform.

Waiting time

Reduce waiting time and offer better service to your customers.

Service Centers

TurnosPR allows to measure the operational situation of the Service Centers.


Customer traffic, peak hours and days, productivity of service operators, and others.


They facilitate the supervision and monitoring of waiting room activity, in order to make decisions in real time.

Customer information

You will obtain vital customer information and will be able to segment customer care.


You can optimize office management and improve productivity.

Special Features

Card Reader to determine customer level by credit card.

Use of the Identification Card to determine the client's available services.

Motivate the customer at the kiosk to make the deposit at the ATM and keep track of those who finally used it.

S et flows by customer type.

Integration to the institution's Mobile App to view pending persons.

S hift-independent surveys.

Integration to internal messaging systems.

Instant call integration for processing Auto Bank transactions.

Integration with CRM to determine additional services that can be promoted to the customer.

✔ Single Sign On.

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